CTG is hiring and we currently have an opening for an SLP! We would love to have you as a part of our team! Please email your resume to sweber@austinctg.com.

Physical Therapists

Allison Gannon


Hi friends! My name is Allie Gannon and I am a pediatric physical therapist! I graduated from the University of Missouri with my Bachelors of Health Sciences in 2011 and received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy degree in 2013. I also hold a graduate certificate in Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders. I am married to Grant, who is not only a supportive and loving husband, but also my partner and sidekick in all of our daily shenanigans. We love to travel and go on adventures together; with our latest adventure – raising two boys! Jack and Griffin are full of energy, lots of love, and are pure sugar! I knew at the age of 12 that I wanted to be a pediatric physical therapist…and haven’t looked back since! : ) Playing with a purpose is my absolute favorite! I particularly love working with babies with torticollis or young toddlers with delayed gross motor skills, such as difficulty rolling, crawling, or walking. It is such a joy to see a child take his/her first steps! (I will cheer and cry right along with you!) I have experience treating children of all ages with hypotonia, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, equinus varus (toe walking), autism, developmental delays, upper and lower extremity orthopedic injuries (pre and post op), and different types of cancer.

Andrea (Andee) Leal


Andee has been working in pediatric physical therapy for over 14 years. After she received her Masters in Physical Therapy at The University of Texas Medical Branch, Andee received a post graduate certificate in early childhood intervention and the NICU. She completed NDT certification training and works with children with a wide variety of neurological impairments including cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, deficits caused by cancer, and chromosomal abnormalities. She also has extensive experience working with children with orthopedic and developmental deficits including torticollis, toe walking, clubfoot, developmental delay, and multiple sports injuries. She has also worked with adolescents with amplified pain syndromes and juvenile arthritis. She is fully trained in serial casting and has taught this skill at several clinics. Andee enjoys also working as an assistant instructor in the pediatric physical therapy doctoral course at The University of St. Augustine. She enjoys coaching her daughter’s soccer team and going on adventures around Austin and San Antonio with her family and friends.