Family Education Groups

Please visit our Calendar for upcoming group meetings. For more information on these groups, you can contact us by phone at 512-331-4115.

Kids Groups

Social skills are an integral part of language development and growth. Many children with language delays have difficulty learning foundational play skills and implementing basic conversational skills such as topic introduction, topic maintenance and perspective-taking. We offer weekly social skills groups in a fun and comfortable atmosphere that enables children to practice these newly-learned skills. We have social groups that address age appropriate social skills to improve pragmatic language and functional communication.

Language-Literacy Groups

Many children with language delays demonstrate difficulties with the foundational concepts needed for learning to read. Our Language/Literacy groups focus on phonological awareness (rhyming, sound/letter identification, sound manipulation, etc), narratives (storytelling, story comprehension) grammar and vocabulary.

Handwriting Groups

Targets children’s fine motor skills including hand strengthening and coordination skills required for activities such as cutting with scissors, coloring, and writing, buttoning, using feeding utensils, etc.

Parent Groups

Coffee with CTG

Join us for snacks, coffee and a time of networking and socializing with other parents who attend Capital Therapy Group. Each session will begin with a short topic which will then be opened up for discussion and questions.

Support Groups

We offer support groups for patients and their families. Support groups offer a place to connect with others in a comfortable environment to discuss and share experiences.

Parents Night Out

Parents Night Out is offered periodically for patients, siblings and friends with fun and engaging activities while parents enjoy dinner, a movie or a quiet night in.