Additional Services

At Capital Therapy Group we strive for the very best. When it comes to giving our families the care they deserve, we know it doesn’t just end with office visits. We want you to have all of the resources, support groups, and additional help you need to be successful. Below is a list of additional services we provide, upon request.

Screenings: We offer Vision, Speech, Hearing and Sensory/Motor screenings at preschools and day-cares throughout the Austin, Cedar Park and Round Rock areas. Screenings are beneficial tools for identifying if a child may be at risk for a language or articulation delay prior to starting Kindergarten. The earlier a diagnosis is made and treatment initiated, the better the academic outcome in school! If your child’s school does not offer screenings, contact us and we will inquire about setting this up.

Parent Teacher Consultations: By request, we can consult with you or your child’s teacher to determine specific needs and benefits at school and at home to encourage skill development across settings.

Coordination of Therapy: If your child receives services in the public school system in addition to private therapy or receives other types of support we can coordinate and share information regarding treatment goals and therapy with other professionals. We also send updated information to physicians so they are actively involved in each patient’s care and therapy plan.